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January 2010 Burma VJ nominated for 2010 Academy award. For best documentary feature
Nominations for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards were announced this morning, and there is exciting news: The recent film Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country, which features the work of citizen journalists inside the title country’s 2007 “Saffron Revolution,” has been nominated for the Best Documentary Feature Oscar!
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October 2009 Dole drops law suit agains Bananas
As a result of pressure from Swedish consumers and retailers, Dole has withdrawn the law suit against the film Bananas. The producer is now considering their position re. potential counteraction against Dole, as the law suit and the legal advice has cost several hundred kronors and have delayed the distribution of the film.
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September 2009 Burma VJ broadcast in Burma
Burma VJ was broadcast inside Burma on DVB’s network on the 2nd anniversary of the Saffran Revolution. Just following the second anniversary, several thousand political prisoners were released from jail.
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August2009 Bananas moves for anti-SLAPP motion
WG Films has filed for an anti-SLAPP motion against DOLE. Anti-SLAPP is a measure to protect companies and individuals against strategic lawsuits, that can exhaust or even bankrupt individuals or small companies and keep them entangled in legal issues for years and years - even if the company who has sued them in the first place has little or no hope of actually winning the case. Ruling expected in October. For more info
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July 2009 Burma VJ nr. 2 in UK box office
Dogwoof launched Burma VJ in a simultaneous theatrical release in over 40 theatres in the UK with a televised contact to the main premiere in London. The audience responded with a massive interest, that made Burma VJ top the weekly box office results, second only to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
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Juni 2009.Burma VJ vises i Downing Street 10.
Gordon og Sarah Brown has screened Burma VJ in Downing Street 10 at a private home party for friends and political acquaintances. This VIP home-party is one of many private and semi-private screenings conducted all over the world – mainly by grassroot networks.
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Maj 2009 Bananas meets resistance
’Bananas’ a documentary film by Fredrik Gertten, produced by WG Film in co-production with Magic Hour Films is under attack from Dole. The film follows a court case on behalf of Nicaraguan banana workers against Dole, who is accused of having used hazardous pesticides years after they were banned. Dole lost the case, but have later appealed it, and now tries to stop the film by sueing the director and producer. For more info: www.wgfilm.com
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BURMA VJ - Winner of Grand Prize and Amnesty Award at CPH:DOX
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Mette Zeruneith's documentary film, "In a Soldier's Footsteps", has been screened at several film festivals in 2005 and 2006 and has been well-received by festival audiences.

The film has been shown at the prestigious "Hot Docs" International Film Festival in Toronto as a competition film, and also at IDFA, CPH:Doxs and the Human Rights Festival in Geneva amongst others.

In a Soldier's Footsteps" can be bought here on our Web site and is distributed by the Danish Film Institute to schools and libraries nationwide.
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