Light, Darkness, and Colours
Director: Henrik Boëtius
Marie Louise Lauridsen
Marie Louise Lefevre
Genre: Documentary for Adults
Length: 52 min.
Year of Production: 1998
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Information in Brief
With Goethe’s Colour Theory as a starting point, the film takes us on a fascinating journey through the universe of colours. We see how colours arise and “conduct themselves”, and how we perceive and are influenced by them. Through aesthetic laboratory demonstrations, individual phenomena are explained, which we then see in their many representations in nature; in landscapes, changing seasons, in fields filled with flowers, skies, and in birds’ feathers. The film shows that light and darkness are equal and inseparable, and that colours arise when light and darkness meet.
Indtalling: Søren Sætter-Lassen
Length: 52 min.
Technical Information:
Film format: 1:1:66
Expanded synopsis:
Light and colour phenomena are uniquely visual subjects, and a film on this topic can be an independent artistic experience in itself. But, in addition, the film medium is particularly suited for precisely this project, due to the fact that we can register the changes in light and colour as they happen, and we can juxtapose image and sound in a consciousness-expanding way that underscores certain regularities involving colour and light phenomena and that would otherwise be difficult to see and perceive. Colours, as they surface from the chamber of our consciousness, are what we are interested in, first and foremost.
Camera: Manuel Sellner
Cutter: Peter Englesson
Photographer: Rigmor Mydtskov
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